Logos at work

We create logos and branding for a wide range of clients like architects Cowper Griffith and the Cambridge University Temporary Employment Service. A logo should try to convey what an organisation does, for example the “building blocks” used to create the “S” for Sygnosys, an international training company and the stylised “adult and children” used in the Meldreth Primary School logo.

Logo development

Sometimes we get involved with a client before they have actually started their new business. As a personal trainer creating a new gym this client hadn’t decided on the name and we were able to create visuals in order to help him make a decision.

Logo based on a client sketch

New logos inevitably require a period of development. Our initial designs for the Team Insight logo featured a stylised hand and ball in Team GB colours but we also developed an idea based on a sketch that our visually impaired Paralympian client drew on her iPad. This used a deeper “business blue” for the suited figure and is the version favoured by the client.